I kicked my lazy, messy sister out of our home over her son’s behaviour’


It’s no secret that families can be messy, but the one thing about families is that, for the most part, you can lean on them when times get tough.

And, that’s exactly what one woman has been doing, after she and her 14-year-old son moved in with her sister after losing their apartment – but it certainly hasn’t been happy families.

In fact, the woman’s sister has grown so frustrated with accommodating the mum and son that she’s thrown them out, after branding an incident with her son “the final straw.”

Taking to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the sister explained: “My sister is a single mum with one son, who is 14, and they have been staying at my place for the past few because they lost their apartment and she’s saving up money to get a new apartment. She, however, has driven me crazy lately.

“She is up late at night on the phone or watching TV, and I go to work at 3:30am so I’ve been getting less sleep. Her son constantly bothers my daughter, she has brought men over from the bars. She doesn’t do chores, they make messes and I’ve addressed these issues so many time and I get ignored.”

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back came when the sister returned home from work to discover that her 14-year-old nephew had given ‘dreadlocks’ to her dog, who was visibly distressed.

“Not a lot, but like maybe 8 or so, what the f***?! I’m not sure if that’s alright, he sure didn’t see comfortable and was pawing at them. I’m worried because I’ve heard horror stories about people who didn’t wash properly and nasty shit grew inside the dreadlocks,” the sister continued.

“I asked him about it and he said he thought it’d look cool and he’s not finished yet. I was so p***ed when I saw that and later I found out he posted it on TikTok. That was the final straw, I told my sister she had to leave.”

The woman responded by saying, “but, we’re family,” and reiterating that she’s a struggling single mum, but the sister told her she’d had enough and that her son “knows better.”

“I was tired of them living with me. She of course called my parents, who sided with me thankfully but our siblings and cousins took her side who bombarded me with texts and calls telling me I need to take them back. She eventually moved in with my brother,” the continued.

However, after receiving such mixed responses from her own family, the sister was left questioning whether she had done the right thing by kicking out her own sister.

“House guests are like fish, after three days they stink. You sister and her son overstayed their welcome. Everyone who is blowing your phone up with abuse is free to host them. Your poor pooch, the dreadlocks were just the straw that broke the camel’s back.,” one Reddit user commented.

Another added: “What?! Dreadlocks on a dog? That’s a hard no. He’s 14 and knows better. He posted it to TikTok? No need to indulge this wannabe social media climber.

“Bring over strange men to your home and keeping you up at all hours, the only person paying the bills in the house is reason enough to ask her to leave. Messing with your dog? She’s lucky hands weren’t laid upon the boy.”

Meanwhile, others suggested the sister should take her dog to a groomer as soon as possible to have the dreadlocks removed to prevent any further problems.